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Kill Sound 1.2

Kill Sound 1.2

Kill Sound Publisher's Description

Kill Sound ver. 1.2

Have you ever been confused with the unexpected alarm phone ring while regular meeting?
Has your Treo 600/650 ever made abrupt noise in a quiet place like church?
How about the noisy alarm sound in the middle of a movie?
Have you ever had any difficulty in getting a call because of crowd’s cries in a ball park?
Have you ever missed an important call during party or else?

Kill Sound helps users set automatically sound volume levels and vibration states at the time users want. Once levels of sound volumes and vibration states are set up, the setting contents are adjusted automatically when users are at such a very loud place as theater, outdoor events, and when quietness is needed in case of regular meeting. Especially, for Kill Sound prevents palm devices from making a noise in unexpected situations like an important business appointment, it is more appropriate for those who want a quiet states at a specific time period.

In case of Treo 600/650 from PalmOne Inc., Kill Sound provides features of setting sound volume levels and vibration states of each application--phone, calendar, SMS, MMS, and e-mail-- so that it is more recommended for those who are very sensitive to sudden ring tones.

Kill Sound is so simple and plain that it is applicable to most of OS 3.5 or more palm devices. Moreover, because it relates the setting contents of Prefs to the setting screen of Kill Sound, and uses the same date and time setting screens in DateBook (Calendar), it is very easy to use, operate and learn.

With just one binary file, Kill Sound can display setting screens suitable for each palm device. For example, when it is run on a palm device which does not support alarm vibration, the setting screen hides the alarm vibration setting, and when it is executed on smart phone like Treo 600/650, it shows the setting screen with sound volume and vibration state setting of each application.

Kill Sound is a very convenient program eliminating the trouble of setting manually sound and vibration according to specific situations.


  • Easy and Simple UI
  • Related with Prefs program in Palm system
  • Applicable on over Palm OS 3.5 version (including Treo 600/650)
  • Automatic adjustment of settings at a specified date and time.

     Developed by MOKA Group.

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